All About Brows - The Complete Brow Education

5 techniques - Microblading, Combination brows, POwder, Misting & Ombre brows. four days - $6800 (SAVE $3300)

We’ve all got cheeky faces that come in all beautiful shapes and sizes. With hands-on guidance from your very own head brow queen, Michelle, and practical assessments on human models, you’ll learn the secret to create ultra natural brows to seamlessly blend with all different types of eyebrow growth. Personalised by our brow queen, Michelle, this is an intensive class introducing you to the machine techniques of everything you need to know about to crafting the art of manual hairstrokes and incorporating it to 3 different types of machine shading.

  • Maintain Infection Control Standards and Procedures SHBBINF001 – (Certificate required – Training provided)
  • Fitzpatrick scale & skin types Colour Theory
  • Introduction to the Art of Microblading
  • Hair strokes patterns and spines
  • The string method of shaping eyebrows
  • Creating hyper-realistic hair strokes
  • Tools and equipment
  • Importance of hairgrowth direction
  • Pattern easy to follow outline (Stroke process)
  • Microblading practice on fake skin (latex)
  • Client briefing and consultation
  • Customise unique hair strokes for clients based on client consultation
  • Stretching technique and pressure
  • Correct skin depth to create ultra thin strokes
  • Live Microblading demonstration (full treatment)
  • Student practical experience
  • Microblading on 2 live models (full treatment)
  • Introduction to machine
  • Techniques
  • Powder brow, Misting brow, Ombre brows
  • Client briefing and consultation for machine
  • Michelle – Powder brow demonstration 
  • Pattern easy to follow outline
  • Creating that ultra thin outline
  • How to hold the Machine to create pixels
  • Movements and machine speed
  • Introduction to Combination brows
  • Incorporating hairstrokes and machine shading – Michelles signature technique and secrets
  • Ombré: Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Client briefing and consultation
  • Three point stretching techniques
  • Hand placement with machine
  • Correct skin depth for machine shading
  • Live Combination brow demonstration (full treatment)
  • Student practical experience
  • Shading & Combo on 2 live models (full treatment)
  • Before and aftercare
  • Business, Marketing & Photo tips
  • Certification ceremony


A $1000 deposit is required to secure your position. This can be booked online or via email: Full cost of the course is $6800, the remaining payment is due 1 week before the class date. Payments can be made by cash or eftpos. Payment plans available

Premium kit included

Intensive Manual
$500 machine
Premium starter kit worth $1000
Interactive Activities
Live Model Practice
Certificate (Upon Graduation)
Extended Education
Learning Exercises
Product discounts
Product Finds
Exclusive Support Community
Video access to online training
Trouble Shooting
Tips and Tricks
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