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Nano strokes are created using a single nanoneedle to craft individual hair strokes whereas Microblading uses a collection of microneedles in a blade shape form to manually craft hairstrokes.

Generally speaking, both microblading and nano strokes will give a similar end result but that being said, there are a few differences that come into play. 

Nanostrokes suits the majority range of skin in particular oily skin types, whereas Microblading will not be as effective as Nanostrokes for that particular skin type. Nanostrokes gives the benefit of offering a clean crafted individual hairstroke with less risk of the pigment being implanted too deep and also includes Nanoshading. Think about Microblading but with more accuracy and control!

It is important to know what you are after and to do your own research and figure out what is the best option for you. If you would like further advice or assistance to help achieve the results you’re after, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at hello@valentineartistry.com with a photo of your brows!

Microblading uses a hand held tool to implement hair like strokes to create natural looking brows. This is suitable if you want to enhance your brows and for normal, dry and combination skin. 

Shading on the other hand is a technique, which a tattoo machine is used to create more density to the brow. This is suitable for oily skin types and for individuals that lack hair in specific areas. 

Combination brows is the holy grail combination of both techniques, which creates the ultimate beautiful natural and fluffy looking brows. 

It is recommended to book a consultation with the artist to determine, which will one is most suitable for your needs. 

Microblading is a form of semi permanent tattoo, which last anywhere between 1 to 3 years depending on your skin type and condition. Keep in mind that other factors will take to account such as amount of sun exposure, AHA usages, etc. 

Not everyones skin type/condition and healing will be the same as another. A colour touch up is recommended a year after initial procedure to ensure the shape is clean, crisp and filled in.

Shading generally lasts longer as the technique disperses the ink throughly throughout the epidermal and dermal area of the skin. 

Everyones pain threshold is different. The majority explains that cosmetic tattoo is very mild to none. Most people feel little to none, while others may feel a very mild discomfort. 

To ensure you experience the best comfort as possible, two forms of topical anaesthetic is used before and during treatment to drastically minimise any discomfort. 

Microblading and Shading lasts anywhere between 1-3 years but the longevity of the pigment will depend on your skin type and condition. Clients with dryer skin will hold pigment better than oily skin clients, depending on your skin type and condition a recommended yearly top up should be in-between 1-2 years. Your brows will eventually lighten up and fade if you don’t continue with top ups. 

The appointment should take about two hours.

  • Do not drink coffee, alcohol or energising drinks on the day of treatment. 
  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before treatment. 
  • Do not tan or have intense sun exposure 3 days before treatment. 
  • No waxing 2-3 days before treatment. 
  • No chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser or any other intense treatments 2 weeks before treatment. 
  • Shower and fix your hair as you need to take extra care not to get your brows wet for several days. 

Yes! We use the latest technology NPM lactic base removal to lighten the pigment out of the skin safely. 

  • Leave no scars
  • Leaves no crust
  • Minimum redness
  • Causes no inflammation to skin
  • No hair loss
  • Uses no bleaches

Cosmetic Tattooing is not suitable for the following:

  • Pregnant & breastfeeding mothers
  •  Chemotherapy patients
  • Keratosis
  • Diabetics
  • Seborrhea Dermatitis 
  • Extremely sensitive skin
  • Excessive sebum (very oily skin)
  • Sunburnt skin
  • Skin that has recently had any sort of laser/cosmetic treatments. 

The best answer is to be patient and wait until your pregnancy and breastfeeding is over. Hormones play a big role in the healing of the tattoo and there are many other variables that make breastfeeding and pregnant mothers unsuitable for cosmetic tattoos.

Yes, we do, this will be considered as a new set with or without correction. It is assessed on a case by case status and depends on the severity of skin integrity and remaining pigment. 

To see if you’re a suitable candidate send us a photo of your brows to valentineartistry@outlook.com

This all depends on the ingredients in the pigments. If there is too much Iron Oxide in pigments, it will eventually leave reddish tones in the skin long term. If it has too much Carbon (body tattoos) it will leave a bluish tone. It’s all about the lightfastness effects and balance in pigment brands and can get technical!

We invest in the best quality pigments and are extensively trained in colour theory. You can view healed results 3 years ongoing in our Instagram Highlight wheel!