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Hey beauty! We're here to create some magic and make you look and feel like the queen you are!

A chic, open-planned space peppered with pink furnishings, luxe touches, good beats and even better brows, the Valentine Artistry studio is a long-time vision brought to life. Fulfilling the need for a place that embraces individuality, diverse beauty, fun chats and all around goofiness, Valentine Artistry is as much your space as it is ours.

We’ll be working closely with you to craft a gorgeous transformation and empowering you to feel comfortable in your own skin – own what your mama gave you! You’re a natural beauty and we want you to leave feeling at the peak of your beauty game (with magically fluffier brows).

Valentine Artistry has a buffet of delicious treats for your gorgeous face. From microblading to eyelash extensions, eyeliner tattoo and lip blushing, we’ve got a bougie somethin’ somethin’ for everyone. Plus, you’re guaranteed good bants, chill vibes and silly giggles on the side.

We’re here to add a touch of sugar, spice and everything nice to your pretty face so that you can live your best life…or snooze that alarm for an extra 15 minutes every morning. We’ve got you girl!

Brow Wizardry & Cosmetic Tattooing Services

How much time do you spend in front of the mirror each morning, pre-wakeup caffeine, trying to fill in your brows or nailing that winged flick?

Now, imagine waking up with magically fluffier brows, perfectly curled lashes and defined eyes and lush looking lips – without even trying! 

Well babe, you best believe we can make that happen

Brows icon
Brow Magic

Whether you’re a Kimmy K or Cara Delevingne brow gal, we’ll help you achieve the natural, en pointe brow look to frame your face. From cosmetic tattooing, to hybrid henna & laminations!

Lip blush
Lip Blush Tattoo

Get fuller, lush-looking and very kissable lips with lip blushing, a less invasive technique to lip fillers. Go on, kiss yourself.

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Lash Lift & Tint

Ditch the eyelash curler and say hello to perfectly curled lashes with our lash lift and tinting services.
Them camels will be hating.

eyeliner icon
Eyeliner Tattoo

Wake up with a perfect wing or add subtle definition to your starry eyes with our eyeliner tattoo sorcery.
You won’t regret it.

Laser Tattoo icon
Laser Tattoo Removal

Have an unwanted brow tattoo? Did it fade blue or red or maybe rainbow? We got you sorted! Once we remove the old pigment we can work some magic!

Skin icon
Carbon Laser Facial

Turn back the clock with microneedling, a collagen-booster that will help rid your gorgeous face of those pesky lines or lingering scars.​

Microblading Courses & Training

We’ve worked hard at perfecting our obsession with brows and sharing is caring. If cosmetic tattooing tickles your fancy, feel free to have a stalk of Valentine Artistry’s Brow Academy, home to an array of cosmetic tattooing & beauty courses.

We’re passionate about and love what we do, so we want you to feel empowered to bring your own dreams to life. Come train with us, young padawan.

We won’t bite, we promise….we might have cupcakes too.

Go on, treat yo’self!

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Our Magic

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