Luscious Lips Course Gina Karlotta May 17, 2023
Luscious Lips - Course Training (Melbourne)

5 lip shading tecHniques for our signature lip blush. three DAYS – $4000 + GST

We’ve all got cheeky faces that come in all beautiful shapes and sizes. With hands-on guidance from your very own head brow queen, Michelle, and practical assessments on human models, you’ll learn the secret to manually creating natural hair strokes to seamlessly blend with all different types of eyebrow growth. Personalised by our brow queen, Michelle, this is an intensive class introducing you to the manual techniques of eyebrow microblading while incorporating with machine shading.

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Why is this course for me? for me?

Welcome to the Luscioius Lips course, where you’ll learn all about the art of perfecting, well, luscious lips! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, this course is perfect for you. Get ready to take your skills to the next level with our comprehensive training curated by our Head Trainer Michelle Thu!

Our course covers everything you need to know about popular lip tattooing techniques such as: lip blush, and dark lip neutralisation. You’ll learn how to customize flawless, natural-looking lips that will leave your clients feeling confident and beautiful.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in your career and start making money doing what you love. Enrol in our Luscious Lips cosmetic tattoo course today!

course details

Access to exclusive training platform – Includes 10 modules:

  • Fitzpatrick Scale & Skin Types
  • Colour Theory
  • Introduction to Lip Colours & Mixing 
  • Lip Shapes: Do’s & Don’ts
  • Lip Shaping & Symmetry
  • Creating the Soft Blush Look
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Machine and Needles
  • Lip Blush video demo
  • Business & Instagram Tips and Tricks

Week 2 – (Face to Face) 

  • Lip Blush practice on fake skin (latex)
  • Precise Line Work
  • Before and Aftercare
  • Business, Marketing & Photo tips
  • Client Briefing and Consultation
  • How to neutralise dark lips without using orange – Get the perfect nude
  • Customise colour for clients skin tone & undertone
  • Stretching technique and pressure
  • Correct skin depth to create softness
  • Live Lip Blush demonstration (full treatment)
  • Hands on Practical

Week 3 – (Face to Face) 

  • Student practical experience
    • Live model day x1
  • Live assessment & Certificate Ceremony

Whats included?

  • Welcome Pack
  • Kick-off call
  • Accredited Certified Trainers (TAE 40116)
  • 24/7 access to Online Training Platform
  • 7 modules included covering all fundamental theory to business & marketing
  • Access 24/7 online training for further 1 month after
  • Practical hands-on workshops x 2
  • 3 weeks of spread out training
  • Premium Starter kit with Machine included
  • 5 different Lip Shading Techniques
  • Lip Mapping Guide
  • Dark Lip Neutralisation
  • Instagram Group - Accountability group check ins
  • Shadowing session x1
  • Traineeship opportunities
  • Live Model demonstrations
  • Work on LIVE models
  • Lunch inclusive

Enrolment & Prerequisites

This Course is suitable for Beginners to Advanced students.

No prior knowledge is needed to enrol for this course

Recommended to attain SHBBINF011 – Maintain Infection Control Standards prior to commencement.

Payment Plans

PayRight: Payment plans from $150 a fortnight (6 weeks, 9 months or 12 month options)

Direct Debit Payment Plans:  6 Payments (Must be paid in full prior to class)
For more information on payment plans click here.

What's in my kit?

  • Full Premium Professional Cosmetic Tattoo Kit
  • Evenflo Set of Pigment Colours
  • Comprehensive Theory Book/Manual designed by Michelle
  • Ez Tattoo Lola X Tattoo Machine
  • Aurora Power Supply
  • RCA Cord
  • V-Select PMU Cartridges 1rl (0.25mm)
  • V-Select PMU Cartridges 1rl (0.30mm)
  • Disposable Ink Cups
  • Tag 45 secondary numbing cream
  • White Pencil
  • Tattoo Machine Grip Tape
  • Cotton Pads
  • Microbrush Cotton Tips
  • Lip Wands
  • Latex Practice Skin
  • 3D Lip Practice skins
  • Supplies List
  • 3 Months Access to Online Course
  • Consultation Documents Template
  • Aftercare Documents Template
  • Pigment Mixer
  • Photo Editing App Template
  • Plus BONUS digital products

Please note that not all products pictured will be available from time to time. Kit products are subject to change anytime by training provider

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