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Specialising in eyebrow microblading, cosmetic tattooing and all things beauty, the Valentine Artistry Academy is a gateway to your dream career. Discover the must-know manual techniques and Michelle’s signature touch with our Melbourne microblading courses.

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Save Your Time

We’ve done all the hard yards and taken out all the guesswork for you. Now it’s time for you to shine!


You can watch our course while on the go. Any time, any place and how ever many times you need, to succeed.

Earn More

Armed with our course, you can realise the potential of earning a six-figure income doing what you love. Shoot for the stars, baby!

Increase Client Base

Work your craft with clients of all ages (18+) and skin types. Our academy’s signature technique empowers you to be versatile.

Live Demonstration

Watch us perform the entire procedure in HD video and practice with me, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

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Explore the art of brow wizardry with our foundation eyebrow microblading course.