Carbon Laser Facial mish May 10, 2022
Carbon Laser Facial Melbourne

Carbon Laser

Do you want clear glowy looking skin? 

The Carbon laser is a fast and painless procedure done to help improve the look of the skin.

It’s great for all skin types especially for clients with oily skin, acne, and enlarged or clogged pores. This treatment is also beneficial if you’re starting to see the effects of sun damage to your skin. 

Add on a mask & LED light to finish, focusing on your skin’s specific needs!

Special Treatments to add on to your facials!
Add on:

Hydro-jelly mask provides multiple benefits to your skin. We can customise it depending on your skin conditions and main concerns. 

Each mask includes hydration, soothing, moisturising, cleansing, exfoliating, toning skin or reduces inflammation.

Add on: $20 

It is a non invasive light therapy which helps heals the skin by sending soothing energy deep into the tissue.  It targets acne, pigmentation, reduces redness and rosacea, stimulates collagen production, induce faster healing and more.

Add on: $20

You get the whole relaxing package! 

Includes the Hydro Jelly Mask and LED Light with your facial. 


We got you!