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Chemical Peel
Skin Needling
Medical Peels Melbourne

Medical Peels

What are your skin concerns?

Our chemical peels tighten your pores, and leave your face looking fresh and bright.

This treatment is perfect for getting smooth and clear skin fast!

It treats a variety of things, including:

  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • sun damage
  • acne scars
  • hyperpigmentation
  • scars
  • melasma 
  • uneven skin tone or redness

Add on a mask & LED light to finish, focusing on your skin’s specific needs!

For maximum results, a course of 4-6 peel treatments is recommended 4-6 weeks apart. Your treating clinician will be able to advise on the best course of treatment options for you.

Which one is for me?
Features of a Medical Facial:

A luxurious professional peel, perfect for treating dehydrated and dull skin. This treatment will significantly replenish skin hydration levels, whilst combined with a gentle exfoliation to revitalize the skin’s appearance. Enriched with powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts to soothe skin, brighten skin tone and fight free radical damage.

Peel formulation: 10% Lactic Acid, 10% Mandelic Acid, Pomegranate extract, Mulberry extract, Green Tea extract, Glycerin, Beta-glucan, Niacinamide, Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol, pH 2.9.

Perfect for aged and sun damaged induced pigmented skins. Enriched with potent botanical extracts to effectively lighten and improve superficial pigmentation combined with skin restorative ingredients to visibly improve skin dullness, uneven skin tone and boost skin immunity.

Peel formulation: 20% Glycolic Acid, 15% Lactic Acid, 4% Kojic Acid, 0.5% Vitamin A, Mulberry extract, Niacinamide and Arbutin, pH 3.5.

This Jessner peel is specifically formulated with potent antioxidants and botanical plant extracts chosen for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and calming properties. Ideal for acne prone and sun damaged skins, the Complexion Perfection peel will shed layers, reducing superficial pigmentation and revealing a smoother, more refined skin with youthful radiance.

Peel formulation: Jessner’s base (14% Salicylic Acid, 14% Lactic Acid and 14% Resorcinol), 0.5% Vitamin A, Rosemary Oil, Tamanu Oil and Chamomile, pH 2.4.


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