Dark Lip Neutralisation mish May 3, 2022
Dark Lip Correction Melbourne

Dark Lip Neutralisation/Correction

Looking for that perfect shade but your lips have uneven skin tone? Have no fear we are here to help!

Fitzpatrick skin types 3,4,5 & 6 are most proned to pigmented lips (if you dont know whats fitzpatrick skin types are, we’ll explain here)

  1. Just like correcting with makeup, we need to neutralise the lips and prep them for colour. The first session is about neutralising and correcting.
  2. Assess the healed results to identify if we need more correction and neutralising
  3. When lips are successfully neutralised and even we are ready to place the desired colour in base on individuals undertone

It is important to take into account every individual case is different and that fewer or more sessions may be needed to neutralise and reach the desired colour.

📩 Email us a photo of your lips and get a rough quote on your lip colour correction journey! Hello@valentineartistry.com



We got you girl!