Microblading mish April 27, 2022


Microblading Melbourne

Brow Microblading Melbourne

Microblading is the most natural form of cosmetic tattooing and the perfect starting point for most. Created with a fine needled hand tool, delicate strokes are placed behind existing hair growth to mimic the look of extra “hair”. 

The result is a naturally full eyebrow. This style is best suited to those with a fine to full natural hair growth over most of their brow area, those who want to achieve a natural look and those who have dry to normal skin types.  It is not ideal for very oily skin types with large pores, mature skin or sun-damaged skin. 

Suitable for dry skin types or the gals and boys that have a lot of brow hairs that just want to jazz it up and fill in the gaps


Transform your look with Microblading in Melbourne. Our Brow Microblading services redefine beauty, enhancing your natural features with precision and expertise. Discover the artistry of perfectly shaped brows that frame your face and boost your confidence. Elevate your beauty experience with Valentine Artistry in the heart of Melbourne.

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