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Eyeliner Tattoo Melbourne Sydney
Stardust Eyeliner Melbourne

Stardust Eyeliner

Want eyeliner but both natural and defined? Come join our star artists at the best eyeliner in Melbourne. Stardust Permanent Makeup is a very advanced technique that is best known for creating a very soft and powdery look. 

It can be made as thin or thick as the client prefers but will always heal down/shrink and become soft. This look gives you a natural full look making it our Signature iconic Stardust Liner.

Last 3-5 years +

Stardust is best known for creating an eyeliner/shadow combination that looks like eyeliner with a smoky eyeshadow by using multiple layers of colouring to create permanent makeup that looks like a makeup artist did your makeup.

Thin Wing EyelinerMelbourne

Thin Wing Eyeliner

One of the most popular styles of eyeliner would be the Thin liner, through the lashes and JUST above to create definition and to elongate the eye shape. This style is the TOP style in leading cosmetic tattoo countries such as Korea. Subtle enough that most people won’t recognise it as a tattoo and a good guide for those days/nights where you may want to add a little more. This style is perfect for every day and the most flattering for all eye shapes. Suitable for everyone. Lasts 3-5 years +

Bold Wing Eyeliner
Lash Line Enhancement Melbourne

Lash Line Enhancement

Do you want that somethin’ somethin’ subtle. Do you wear lash extensions and want that extra oomph to your lashes?

The most popular & natural liner technique. Defines the eyes in a super soft and natural way, great for making the lashes appear fuller. Suitable for everyone. Lasts between 3-5 years

Look no further! Lashline enhancement radiates your lashes giving them an illusion of thick fuller lashes. Best thing? They go hand in hand with your eyelash extensions!

Bold eyeliner tattoo Melbourne
Bold Wing Eyeliner Tattoo Melbourne

Bold Wing Eyeliner Tattoo

Wanting something bolder and more noticeable? Then the Bold winged liner is for you. This style is a true statement for those who wish to go big or go home. If you’re used to drawing this style everyday, then we recommend this one for you.

You may not feel satisfied with the other styles of liner tattoo if you’re use to this make up look as they will heal too soft and natural and you will feel the need to draw them in more.

Lasts 3-5 years +

Frequently Ask Questions

An eyeliner tattoo is a permanent makeup procedure that uses a tattoo machine to apply pigment along the lash line.

This technique enhances the natural shape of your eyes, giving the appearance of fuller lashes or creating a more defined eyeliner effect.

During the procedure, pigment is deposited along the lash line. Before starting, a topical numbing agent is applied to minimise any discomfort.

The artist will consult with you to determine the desired thickness and style, carefully mapping out the design before beginning the tattooing process.

Eyeliner tattoos can save you time in your daily makeup routine, provide consistent and smudge-free eyeliner, and accentuate your eyes even without additional makeup.

It’s especially helpful for people with allergies to conventional makeup, vision impairments, or a busy lifestyle.

An eyeliner tattoo typically lasts between 2 and 5 years. Longevity can vary based on factors like skin type, sun exposure, and lifestyle. Annual touch-ups are recommended to keep the pigment looking fresh and to make any desired adjustments to the style.

Most clients find the procedure to be quite tolerable. The application of a numbing cream significantly reduces discomfort. Some may feel slight pressure or a mild scratching sensation as the tattoo is applied, but it’s generally not painful.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and blood-thinning medications for at least 24 hours prior. Do not wear any eye makeup to your appointment. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them and wear glasses instead for the session. It’s also advisable to avoid eyelash extensions for at least a week before your appointment.

The initial healing process typically takes about a week. You might experience slight swelling and tenderness in the eye area for the first 24-48 hours, and the colour will appear more intense. Over the next few days, it will gradually soften to your desired shade. Follow aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing.

Yes, there are multiple styles available. A thin and natural-looking line can offer subtle definition, while a thicker and more dramatic line can create the look of classic eyeliner.

Our Signature Stardust liner gives you a smokey powder line that can be adjusted to your eye shape. We adjust and customise every style of eyeliner to your eye shape and preference.

Avoid getting your eyes wet for the first few days. Refrain from rubbing or scratching the area. Apply the provided healing balm as directed to keep the skin moisturised. Do not use eye makeup or wear contact lenses until fully healed. Avoid direct sun exposure and keep the area protected with sunglasses.

Those with certain eye conditions, such as severe dry eye, conjunctivitis, or glaucoma, should avoid the procedure. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals with blood disorders, or anyone with an active skin condition around the eyes should also consult with a medical professional before considering the procedure.


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