Brow Shading Course – Misting/Powder brows/OmbremishJuly 1, 2020July 5, 2021

Brow Shading Course – Misting/Powder brows/Ombre


Explore the art of brow wizardry with Artistry Academy’s online shading course – 3 techniques in 1


We’ve all got cheeky faces that come in all beautiful shapes and sizes. With hands-on guidance from your very own head brow queen, Michelle, and practical assessments on human models, you’ll learn the secret to create ultra natural brows to seamlessly blend with all different types of eyebrow growth. Personalised by our brow queen, Michelle, this is an intensive class introducing you to the machine techniques of everything you need to know about machine shading.




Suitable for beginners – whoop, whoop, baby! This is a necessity to starting your own cosmetic tattooing business… you can dare to dream big with the Valentine Artistry Academy.

  • Heath & Hygiene
  • Fitzpatrick scale & skin types
  • Colour Theory
  • Introduction to the Art of Shading
  •  3 types of Shading techniques: Powder, Misting & Ombre brows
  • The string method of shaping eyebrows
  • Tools and equipment
  • Pattern easy to follow outline
  • Creating that ultra-thin outline
  • Hatching techniques
  • Shading practice on fake skin (latex)
  • Live demonstration