Luna Wand™ PMU machine 5 speedsmishApril 7, 2021May 16, 2022

Luna Wand™ PMU machine 5 speeds


Introducing the sleek, sexy and powerful Luna Wand™

This wireless tattoo machine has an advanced magnetic coreless motor with pure lightweight aluminium metal to reduce noise and vibration.

Luna Wand™ is petite but powerful running at a speed of 22000 RPM to 35000 RPM. The artist can do anything from pixelated powder brows, crafting gentle machine hair-strokes or creating that perfect speed for lip and eyeliner tattoo.


Pure lightweight aluminium metal

Running at a speed of 22000 RPM to 35000 RPM
Adjustable needle depth from 0 – 4mm
Precise stroke length of 1.7mm for PMU techniques
Smooth colour implementation
Adapted with cord & wireless functions
Packed with two extra portable battery for wireless use

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