SHBBINF002 – Maintain Infection Control Standards​ Gina Karlotta May 17, 2023
SHBBINF002: Maintain Infection Control Standards​ Course
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SHBBINF002 - Maintain Infection Control Standards Course (Melbourne)


This is mandatory for Melbourne and Sydney students. For QLD students, we also provide: HLTINF001- Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies & Procedures. This must be completed before you can start performing Cosmetic Tattooing on clients.

PMU Infection Control Training in Melbourne

Why is this course for me? for me?

Welcome to the Maintain Infection Control Standards course, where you’ll learn all about the hygiene, safety and prep of cosmetic tattooing! Mandatory for Melbourne & Sydney students prior to undertaking any cosmetic tattooing course. Get ready to take your skills to the next level with our comprehensive training curated by our Head Trainer Michelle Thu!

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Course details

Comply with infection control regulations and guidelines and related legal obligations:

  • Monitor hygiene of premises
  • Maintain infection control standards for skin penetration treatments
  • Sterilise equipment and maintain steriliser
  • Maintain awareness of clinic design for control of infection
  • Statement of attainment on completion*
  • Comprehensive online modules
  • Trainer support via email
  • Mandatory to get registered by the council
  • Theory training is completed as self-paced at home learning
  • Practical training is delivered one on one face to face over 2-4 hours including observation assessment
  • The course is conducted online that enables you to complete the training to suit you and your family/life situation via correspondence
  • Students will need to take note of their close study date to submit their assessments before this date, allowing time for any reassessment.
  • Students can submit their practical assessment items online via upload or in person at Valentine Artistry.
  • You have 3 months to complete the course
  • Written Assessment (Online)
  • Practical/Observation Assessment (Video Upload or In Person Practical Assessment) 
  • Workplace Compliance Assessment 
  • All 3 components are required to be passed before a certificate is issued.

Whats included?

  • Gain the skills and knowledge required to maintain infection control during skin penetration treatments
  • Nationally Accredited Training unit
  • A government approved Statement of Attainment on successful completion
  • Prerequisite unit for SHBBSKS003 – Design and perform cosmetic tattoo

Enrolment & Prerequisites

No prerequisites required. Please enrol using this link: 

Payment Plans

A full payment of $315 is required to enrol. 

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